New! Online Calligraphy Class

Learn modern calligraphy in the comfort of your home with our new online class! This 35 minute course taught by Alyssa Thiel of PCB Home follows the same format of our live workshops and includes all the inside tips and tricks to get you writing with your calligraphy supplies like a pro.

Live Workshops

Our beginners calligraphy class will walk you through all the basic steps and techniques to get you writing with a calligraphy pen like a pro. These classes are full of relaxation and fun in the comfiest of settings with the most elegant décor. It’s a day you’ll surely want to be a part of! You will walk away with all the tools you need to practice your skill and finally get those pretty hand written letters out!

All supplies are included!
Calligraphy Pen • Nibs • Pencils • Paper • Clipboards • Handmade Instruction Booklet • And more!


Speaking & Coaching

Our owner, Alyssa, loves to travel, teach, and share her heart behind this business. Alyssa specializes in mentoring, teaching, and coaching creatives in all different business walks. Her favorite topics to share about include: branding with your heart, owning a creative business, building a team, and of course anything to do with calligraphy and hand lettering! If you would like to have Alyssa speak at your event, please inquire here.

View Alyssa's scheduled appearances below to meet her at an event near you!