learn hand lettering

Ready to learn the basics of hand lettering? I'm so excited to teach you! We'll spend about an hour learning the basics of letter strokes, baselines, and all the fancy concepts that go into making pretty letters. The best part? It's absolutely free! Our gift to you during this pandemic.

Make sure you print out the practice downloads before class begins. You can find them through the button below. And just simple scratch paper works perfect! Don't forget, class starts at 2pm on Friday - meet me on IG or FB live!

1. Pencil
2. Sharpie (or any marker like it!)
*it will be helpful to have a regular tip + a fine point sharpie, but it's not completely necessary

1. Welcome
2. Supplies
3. Basic Strokes
4. Forming Letters
5. Style
6. Flourishes
7. Questions!