Parris Chic Boutique teaches at The Creative Online Academy with The School of Styling

Have you heard about The Creative Online Academy yet?! Our owner, Alyssa, is so excited to be part of this program teaching alongside some amazing business creatives to offer you a curriculum designed by The School of Styling to equip the entrepreneur and inspire the creative. 

This course is for every creative professional and covers a whole slew of topics that are important for anyone looking to begin, grow, or refresh their business. Alyssa is teaching both a business class and a branding class and she is so excited to share her personal experience with Parris Chic Boutique through it all.

"If you are just starting out, the creative world can be lonely, confusing, and down right scary. I sure wish I had someone, something to guide me through it all and, my goodness, The Creative Online Academy is EXACTLY that!  The heart behind it all truly amazes me. Their goal is to equip you and to inspire your business. You guys! That's HUGE! My entire trial-and-error method could have been slaughtered if I had a program like this when I was just starting Parris Chic Boutique.  The School of Styling genuinely wants to see you succeed and because of that they have rounded up a team of coaches to help you every step of the way. We are sharing it all - the ups, the downs, the "you shouldn't have to learn the way I did so here's what NOT to do". No secrets in this curriculum, you walk away with it all and a team of creatives by your side cheering you on.

With The Creative Online Academy, taking that initial step to grow your business doesn't have to be freighting. We've alllllll been there and this course is a place where you'll be able to see that. You'll be able to see where some successful business owners started out along with why they are where they are now. Join Kaitlin Holland, Candice Lorraine Beaty, Kaylyn Hewitt, Perry Vaile, and myself as we cover topics like styling, collaborating, branding, photography, sales, design, and so much more! Can't wait to walk alongside you through this journey!"

**link to sign up**